ZEUS X Powerful blue laser pointer 7W Visible beam burning high power 450nm by Zeus Lasers
Zeus X - Extremely Powerful Blau Blue Laser Pointer 7 WATT / 450nm laserpointer
Zeus X - Super Leistungsstarker Blauer Laserpointer 7 WATT / 450nm
LPM laser power meter shows the real power of Zeus X 7W high power laser pointer
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powerful blue laser night beam 450nm Zeus X  7Watt burning laser pointer blau
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Zeus X - Super Leistungsstarker Blauer Laserpointer 7 WATT / 450nm

Zeus X - Super Leistungsstarker Blauer Laserpointer 7 WATT / 450nm

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Zeus X. This incredible powerful blue laser with adjustable focus and 3 modes (high power, lower power and strobe) is guaranteed to blow you away.

Now gauges 7 Watts , 7000mW (This is the max output power that can give the most powerful blue laser diode, as NUBM44-V2)

Not only it's the most powerful but also the most durable.

Plus it comes in a metal case with glasses, 2x 26650 batteries, charger, keys and 5x filters.

We guarantee your satisfaction.
Power: 7 Watt (7000mW)
Wavelength: 450nm
Focus Mode: Adjustable focus
Laser Color: Blue
Battery: 2x 26650 batteries (Included)
Case Material: High-strength aerospace aluminum alloy
Max Distance: 35000 meters
Finish: Anodized aluminum Army Regulation
Size: 40 x 320mm
Weight: With metal box set 1250g
Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer's 


Battery Specification:

Battery Type: 3.7v 26650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Capacity: 5000mAh+
No memory effect, recharge up to 500 cycles
Battery Direction: (+) side of batteries points to the back cap

Package Includes:
1 x Blue Laser Pointer 7 Watt
1 x Charger
2 x 26650 Rechargeable Batteries
1 x Safety Glasses
5 x Star Heads
2 x Safety Keys
1 x Metal/Leather Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Very powerful blue Laser!

I can only agree with the other reviewers. This laser is brutal and the quality is top notch. Its awesome!


So, since purchasing the 7watt Zeus x, I have been having a lot of fun. Everywhere in my apartment there are burn marks ! Different objects create dazzling effects. Anything glass is especially fun. Outside, once you attach the expander and get the focus just right, you can ignite stuff over 100feet away. The batteries must be fresh and the laser must be perfectly still at those distances. Also got the rgb laser. One thing I especially like is when in white mode, the star caps separate the three colors to really cool effect! So, I just ordered the new dual diode 15 watt blue laser. I’ll let you know how it goes ! Thanks Zeus, I’m having a lot of fun. Though my wife hates these things !!

Kyle Guidry
Fabulous Laser! Best in the world.

Got this laser after about two weeks, in South Carolina. If there is one thing I can say about this laser, it is EXACTLY as advertised. This laser is no joke, and is VERY intense and powerful. Once you figure out how to set the laser beam on its proper divergence, where the beam is wide coming out of the front case and narrows down to a pin point about 24 inches out then you have a laser point that will LITERALLY light a small fire on whaterver you aim it at. I WILL start a fire and just about instantly depending on what your trying to burn. It will instantly light cardboard, brown paper bag, and even a plank of wood on fire, and without accelerant or gas. The flame is about half an inch to an inch high, but leave it there and it will proceed to catch the whole piece on fire. See an insect you don't like, simply hit it with the beam and instantly it burns. You can carve and etch with this laser. This laser is heavy, and solid, all metal awesome construction. Pay attention to the duty cycle tho, as it heats up after about 2 minutes of constant run time. Let it cool a minute and keep going. The batteries last a good while on a single charge and you can burn a good bit before recharge. This laser is easily worth every penny and is the best looking laser out there. I plan on getting another one soon. For the money this is a very good investment. Simply an awesome laser, and the best in the world, hands down.

Brian McMaster
Extremely impressed with my new Zeus Laser.

WOW, was the first thing i said to myself when i opened the box, Got it put together and started burning things out in my garden and i was very impressed then i realized i only had it on half power, Full power just blew me away, This is certainly no toy and not for children to play with, This is some serious piece of kit and should be treated with Major respect, It is like holding a true light saber, i was actually impressed with the size of it, normally when you buy something it's smaller than you think it is but this was the other way around, A good size and very study, very well built, i plan to purchase another one in the near future, absolutely amazing, thank you so much.

Oleg K
Great bang for the buck, esp. vs. Sanwu

I really like the laser, even though it's gigantic in size, something I wasn't prepared for, the value is immence though: tm friends Sanwu Striker has the same exact power yet costs $300+ more, for reasons that are not easy to understand, at least not for me. Furthermore, Sanwu doesn't have as easily adjustable foxus as this laser and gets hotter somehow. So what gives? Not sure. All I know is that these guys have an amazing customer service, they reply much quicker than the others, they're also very nice, their English is very good and that's BEFORE the sale, things get better after somehow. If I'm honest, having purchased two lasers prior to this one, I expected more of the same, by which I mean seldom, poorly written replies, rejection of all responsibility for any damage sustained during shipment and/or denial of any warranty requests but these guys are different and I'm happy I purchased a laser from them.
The laser, by the way, burns stuff 100ft away with the optical extender. The continuous focus adjustment is a chore but it makes up for it by not getting too hot and batteries lasting a while, once replaced with a better quality cells. I don't regret this purchase even a little bit and am very happy to have found this website! Will get more lasers as time goes by, especially if they make a more powerful model.
Thanks guys!

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