ZEUS X Powerful blue laser pointer 7W Visible beam burning high power 450nm by Zeus Lasers
Zeus X - Extremely Powerful Blau Blue Laser Pointer 7 WATT / 450nm laserpointer
Zeus X - Super Leistungsstarker Blauer Laserpointer 7 WATT / 450nm
LPM laser power meter shows the real power of Zeus X 7W high power laser pointer
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powerful blue laser night beam 450nm Zeus X  7Watt burning laser pointer blau
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Zeus X - Super Leistungsstarker Blauer Laserpointer 7 WATT / 450nm

Zeus X - Super Leistungsstarker Blauer Laserpointer 7 WATT / 450nm

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Zeus X. This incredible powerful blue Laser with adjustable focus and 3 modes (high power, lower power and strobe) is guaranteed to blow you away.

Now gauges 7 Watts , 7000mW (This is the max output power that can give the most powerful blue laser diode, as NUBM44-V2)

Not only it's the most powerful but also the most durable.

Plus it comes in a metal case with glasses, 2x 26650 batteries, charger and 5x filters.

We guarantee your satisfaction.
Power: 7 Watt (7000mW)
Wavelength: 450nm
Focus Mode: Adjustable focus
Laser Color: Blue
Battery: 2x 26650 batteries (Included)
Case Material: High-strength aerospace aluminum alloy
Max Distance: 35000 meters
Finish: anodized Army Regulation
Size: 40 x 320mm
Weight: with metal box set 1250g
Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer's 


Battery Specification:

Battery Type: 3.7v 26650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Capacity: 5000mAh+
No memory effect, recharge up to 500 cycles
Battery Direction: (+) side of batteries points to the back cap

Package Includes:
1 x Blue Laser Pointer 7 Watt
1 x Charger
2 x 26650 Rechargeable Batteries
1 x Safety Glasses
5 x Star Heads
2 x Safety Keys
1 x Metal/Leather Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 51 reviews
Insanely bright

This is one of the coolest lasers I've gotten. Be prepared for 14 inches of insanity. It can light candles from a solid few feet away, which for a hand held laser is really powerful. It does feel like Darth maul's lightsaber. And having keys to lock your laser just makes it feel that much more dangerous. Highly recommend wearing the eye protection. Even just reflecting off a wall, it's still too bright to look at. It has built in focusing so you don't have to partially take off the lens. I only ever use high power but having the other modes is nice. Instantly burns any dark surface from 10+ feet away.

Joan Aquino

Laser is really really bright lol, 5/5 for me when I contact them they are also really really friendly!

Kursten Buttigieg

First of all prior receiving the laser i bombarded the seller with all kinds of messages and surprisingly they ALWAYS replied back within one minute and it could be 1 AM they would still reply back incredibly fast and super friendly!!!

Second of all the laser is super with awesome burning capabilities to light its the best laser i could get for the money...

Nicholas M
Was skeptical at first, but was more than stoked when it got into my hands..

I looked for a powerful burning laser for a few days before I decided on THIS site.
I noticed A LOT of sites was exaggerating/lying about their wattage for their lasers, as well as having them super overpriced. Even going as far as posting a "50000mW" handheld laser, which is insanely impossible...

I would admit I was a bit worried during the shipping because it took a bit longer than expected to New Mexico, USA through DHL. But none the less everything was there and in great condition, delivered right into my USPS drop-box. Was actually surprised on how nice the case the laser came in too!
And now to the laser...
It rocks. PERIOD.
Burny, burny, indeed! And is honestly what was advertised. Very well made, great weight, and a very clean machined base! A true 7w laser.. Couldn't ask for anything else!

Great customer service as well!

Lasers prove flatearth

Wow so ok then I had a different laser 3 watt which I have proven flatearth on my youtube channel mikeysmith/Horizontally Appozed.. the description of laser distance is way off it does not go 22 miles .. it goes way further I have tested 30 miles so far... and sorry folks the moon is very close ... you are not spinning .. flatearth is reality. NASA LIES FAKE CGI GREEN SCREEN

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