Zeus XTR - Extremely Powerful Blue Laser Pointer 15 WATT / 450nm
Handheld Blue Laser 15W Night Beam
Zeus XTR - Very Strong Handheld laser 15 WATT / 450nm
Zeus XTR - Extremely Powerful Blue Laser 15 WATT / 450nm
Zeus XTR - Extremely Powerful Blue Laser 15 WATT / 450nm
Zeus XTR - Extremely Powerful Blue Laser 15 WATT / 450nm
Zeus XTR - Extremely Powerful Blue Laser 15 WATT / 450nm
Zeus XTR - Extremely Powerful Blue Laser 15 WATT / 450nm

Zeus XTR - Extremely Powerful Blue Laser 15 WATT / 450nm

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Zeus XTR. This new extremely powerful blue laser with an adjustable focus and 3 modes (high power, lower power and strobe) is guaranteed to blow your mind.

*This laser has 2 powerful laser diodes in it, which are connected and produce one extremely powerful beam, by keeping the dot size the same as a single diode laser.

Now gauges 15 Watts, 15000mW (This is the max output power that the ' two ' most powerful blue laser diodes can give, as 2 x NUBM44-V2)

Not only it's the most powerful but also the most durable.

Plus it comes in a metal case with glasses, 2x 32650 batteries, charger, and a lens protect cap.

We guarantee your satisfaction.
Power: 15 Watt (15000mW)
Wavelength: 450nm
Focus Mode: Adjustable focus
Laser Color: Blue
Battery: 2x 32650 batteries (Included)
Case Material: High-strength aerospace aluminum alloy
Max Distance: 56000 meters
Finish: Anodized aluminum Army Regulation
Size: 40 x 290mm
Weight: With metal box set 1450g
Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer's 


Battery Specification:

Battery Type: 3.7v 32650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Capacity: 6000mAh+
No memory effect, recharge up to 500 cycles
Battery Direction: (+) side of batteries points to the back cap

Package Includes:
1 x Blue Laser Pointer 15 Watt
1 x Charger
2 x 32650 Rechargeable Batteries
1 x Safety Glasses
1 x Lens Protect Cap
1 x Metal/Leather Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Antony Brewer
15 watts of insane power !

Already own a couple of the 7 watt zeus x lasers , and these are like a lightsabre ! love them. So when I saw that there was a 15 watt on sale , I had to look twice ! ,then look twice again... Tried to convince myself that I did not really need this , failed miserably ,lol. This laser is an absolute beast , burns anything instantly , and great for long distance engraving ! So glad I failed to convince myself. LOVE THIS ! LASER HEAVEN ! Thank you zeus , great to do business with you again , so good I bought 2 ! ... now looking at the green 2 watt...LOL

Sean McConnell
I was hesitant at first...

I've collected somewhat of an arsenal of Zeus Lasers& accessories including the pro and the X. But every so often I check the website just to see if anything new has come out, and when I saw this I wrestled with it for a while, thinking 'what can 15 watts do that 7 can't? Then it hit me: a whole bunch of ideas starting off with... Igniting things from 20 feet away. So maybe I talked myself into it, but after it arrived only 4 days later and I was able to fulfill all my curiosity with wonder, I felt lucky that I had found out about these when I did.

Excellent product, support, communication, etc. 10/10!

Isaiah Stovall
8.5/10 laser with very few flaws...

The power is there. Easily ignites material from 20 feet. The beam/dot was a bit thicker than I was expecting, but impressive to see in the day and just absurd at night. USE THE EYE PROTECTION. Or you'll have blue/purple spots in your vision for a half hour... or worse.

The case this came with is... fine. It needs to be a bit bigger, and with the expectation that buyers might want to put a little more in it than it came with. The charger is hard to get back in and there is no space for extra batteries if you do. Still, cool to have a case included.

My biggest worry here is that the spring connecting the batteries to the laser unit extends outside of the housing. This means that unless you are careful, the spring can catch the foam in the case and bend it... which will eventually break it off. This laser is almost the length of my forearm when assembled. Another 1/4 inch to cover that vital part would be fine. Or if not possible, a smaller connecting spring.

Overall though, this laser is a beast. A great addition to the collection.

A note on shipping - I ordered this on a Friday night... so it didn't really get moving until Monday. It took less than 3 days after that. 5 days total, but once it shipped, it moved at crazy fast speed.


Oliver Graefe

It’s a true monster that’s all I can say

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