Powerful green laser pointer 1.2W Visible beam burning high power 520nm  1W +
Zeus Pro - Starket Grun burning LaserPointer 1.2 WATT / 520nm
Zeus Pro - Leistungsstarke Green Grun Laserpointer 1.2 WATT / 520nm
LPM laser power meter shows the real power of Zeus pro green grun 1.2W high power laser pointer 520nm
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Green grun laser 1W + night beam 520nm 532nm wicked high power lazer pointer pen Zeus Lasers
Zeus Pro - Super Powerful Green Laser Pointer 1.2 WATT / 520nm
most powerful burning laser pen stronger than wickedlasers & sanwulasers
burning laser pen high quality
Zeus Pro - Super Powerful Green Laser Pointer 1.2 WATT / 520nm

Zeus Pro - Super Powerful Green Laser Pointer 1.2 WATT / 520nm

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Zeus Pro. This incredible super powerful green Laser with adjustable focus and 3 modes (high power, lower power and strobe) is guaranteed to blow you away.

Now gauges 1.2 Watt (1200mW)

It's guaranteed the most bright laser in the market.

Plus it comes in a metal case with glasses, 2x 26650 batteries, charger and 5x filters.

Seen up to 30 Miles.

We guarantee your satisfaction.


Power: 1.2 Watt (1200mW)
Wavelength: 520nm
Focus Mode: Adjustable focus
Laser Color: Green
Battery: 2x 26650 batteries (Included)
Case Material: High-strength aerospace aluminum alloy
Max Distance: 45000 meters
Finish: Anodized aluminum Army Regulation
Size: 40 x 270mm
Weight: With metal box set 1150g
Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer's 

Battery Specification:
Battery Type: 3.7v 26650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Capacity: 5000mAh+
No memory effect, recharge up to 500 cycles
Battery Direction: (+) side of batteries points to the back cap

Package Includes:
1 x Green Laser Pointer 1.2 Watt
1 x Double Charger
2 x 26650 Rechargeable Batteries
1 x Safety Glasses
5 x Star Heads
1 x Metal/Leather Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Piotr Cudak
520nm 1,2W

Very bright laser, also burns quite well for 1.2W. Workmanship ok, but the knob from the rear switch/protection should have a tighter thread. The knob rotates freely and in the disabled option it is possible to unscrew this knob and lose it when carrying the laser without a suitcase

Luke Skywalkers LightSaber

I used to have a lightsaber as a child.

This beats the lightsabers experience of my childhood.

Just as I could only imagine this laser in my dreams!

Big thanks!

Mike K.
100% Satisfied

Very fast shipping, great customer service. Purchased this laser to scare Canadian geese out of my pond and off my property. They absolutely hate this beast of a laser but I love it! If I ever need to purchase another this is the only place I’d buy another one.

Jeremiah Farmer
The Future

100% Satisfied!!! I swear they traveled to the future and brought this laser back with them for me and didn't charge extra. It's the real deal!!!

Liam Fairlie
Perfect Seagull Scarer

I did a lot of research about the most effective was to deter seagulls as we have a real problem with them on surrounding rooftops in the town centre where I live.

This laser instantly disperses them and after a few days persistence (dusk and dawn) they know to stay away for a few weeks.

The range is incredible and it works in full daylight to scatter birds aswell.

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