High Powered Bright Cyan Laser Pointer Pen 130mW 488nm 485nm 492nm
Zeus Pocket - Leistungsstarker Cyan-Laserpointer 130 mW / 488 nm
Zeus Pocket - Leistungsstarker Cyan-Laserpointer 130 mW / 488 nm
High Powered Bright Cyan Laser Pointer Pen strong lpm power meter lazer
Zeus Pocket - Leistungsstarker Cyan-Laserpointer 130 mW / 488 nm
Zeus Pocket - Leistungsstarker Cyan-Laserpointer 130 mW / 488 nm

Zeus Pocket - Leistungsstarker Cyan-Laserpointer 130 mW / 488 nm

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Zeus Pocket - Powerful Cyan Laser Pointer 130mW With Adjustable Focus by Zeus Lasers, Complete Set.



Zeus Pocket, 100% brand new, high quality & powerful laser by Zeus Lasers.
Power: 130mW
Laser color: Cyan
Power supply: 1x Panasonic Rechargeable Battery 18650 (INCLUDED)
Focus mode: Adjustable Focus
Wavelength: 488nm
Max Distance: 20000 meters
Body material: Aerometal
Size: 14.5cm * 2.5cm
Net weight: 88g.
Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer's

Universal Battery Charger :

The AC adapter easily folds out to charge and pack away
Suitable for 10440/14500 /16340/ 18350/18650 Li-ion
LED indication for Power On / Charging / Full charge
AC100v-240v 47-63Hz input (international charger, can be used worldwide)
Output: DC 3.7V 400mA
Weight: 48g

Package Includes:

1x Cyan Laser Pointer 130mW
1x Rechargeable Panasonic Battery 18650
1x Universal Charger (100-240v)
1x Gift Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hunter Jay
488nm Cyan Laser

Really impressed with the brightness, color and quality overall. The color really stands out in the dark, super bright! Easy to focus, I even etched my name on a pretzel 😎

Karl Sherman
130mw 488nm Cyan Laser

Outstanding laser and I just love the color! Excellent quality and it burns with ease. It lights matches, pops balloons, and cuts electrical tape without a problem. I have wanted a Cyan laser for some time, and this one is an excellent example. If your torn about buying it, just get it!! You won't be disappointed!!

Richard Webb
130mw 488nm cyan laser pointer

Arrived early good quality and good value for the money. I have other 488nm pointers, and this one is good and burns well. Good power, and visibility, goes miles day or night. But remember do not shine at planes, people, or animals Be safe and have fun.

David Collingwood
Solid laser and amazing colour

Really happy with this product. Came so quick and fantastic customer service. Love the look of the 488 nm wavelength as well as the host itself. Came in a nice box which made it seem legit and high quality which it was. The power was impressive considering the rare beam colour. Fast shipping. Would highly recommend buying from here.

Marek Dargaj
rare wavelength at a solid price

The 488nm wavelength is difficult to obtain on the laser pointer market. At the price of the performance offered by the Zeus brand, it is unrivaled. I have been looking for this color for a long time. I finally managed to buy from Zeus. I already own several Pocket Series from them, but the 488nm color with power 130mW is just amazing. Special thanks to Roger for the excellent customer service.

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