High Powered Bright Cyan Laser Pointer Pen 130mW 488nm 485nm 492nm
Zeus Pocket - Leistungsstarker Cyan-Laserpointer 130 mW / 488 nm
Zeus Pocket - Leistungsstarker Cyan-Laserpointer 130 mW / 488 nm
High Powered Bright Cyan Laser Pointer Pen strong lpm power meter lazer
Zeus Pocket - Leistungsstarker Cyan-Laserpointer 130 mW / 488 nm
Zeus Pocket - Leistungsstarker Cyan-Laserpointer 130 mW / 488 nm

Zeus Pocket - Leistungsstarker Cyan-Laserpointer 130 mW / 488 nm

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Zeus Pocket - Powerful Cyan Laser Pointer 130mW With Adjustable Focus by Zeus Lasers, Complete Set.



Zeus Pocket, 100% brand new, high quality & powerful laser by Zeus Lasers.
Power: 130mW
Laser color: Cyan
Power supply: 1x Panasonic Rechargeable Battery 18650 (INCLUDED)
Focus mode: Adjustable Focus
Wavelength: 488nm
Max Distance: 20000 meters
Body material: Aerometal
Size: 14.5cm * 2.5cm
Net weight: 88g.
Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer's

Universal Battery Charger :

The AC adapter easily folds out to charge and pack away
Suitable for 10440/14500 /16340/ 18350/18650 Li-ion
LED indication for Power On / Charging / Full charge
AC100v-240v 47-63Hz input (international charger, can be used worldwide)
Output: DC 3.7V 400mA
Weight: 48g

Package Includes:

1x Cyan Laser Pointer 130mW
1x Rechargeable Panasonic Battery 18650
1x Universal Charger (100-240v)
1x Gift Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
john letsinger
diode pops out first minute using. I fixed.

diode pops out toward lens. you must put an indentation around diode . there is one already on the other side. that way the diode doesn t pop in toward battery. Love color and it is really bright . too bright to be looking at spot for too long.

Jeremy S
Beautiful color, flawed design

The laser has a beautiful blue color. It stands out from the common green DPSS lasers, while still having a beam that is highly visible at night. (Don't point it at people, animals, or aircraft!)

This laser didn't work when I first got it. It is clear that its flashlight-like housing was designed for a battery with the (-) terminal on the spring contact adjacent to the laser diode, and the (+) terminal on the flat switch contact in the cap. Other variants of the Pocket laser work this way, but the cyan laser diode has opposite polarity. So the instruction sheet that came with it basically tells you to put the battery in backward from what the physical design of the body expects. And it doesn't work reliably--the (-) terminal of battery ends up not touching the switch contact at all (preventing the laser from turning on), or touching both the contact *and* the cap body (preventing the laser from turning *off*). I emailed Zeus about this issue and they suggested bending the switch contact in the cap outward. That works! But it feels like a hack, and I wonder if the spring and battery will slowly flatten the bent contact and bypass the switch. Really, Zeus should have moved the spring contact to the cap.

The charger seems pretty flimsy, and the bizarrely-worded sticker on it doesn't inspire confidence - but it did charge my battery to exactly 4.2V as advertised.

Good cyan laser

Good laser

488 nm Laser

Late at night in the dark it feels like the power of a Sith lightning moving in a line!

Exceptional 488nm

Much more visible than the usual blue since it’s closer to green. Somewhat less dangerous than blue too! But it can still burn things up close. Cyan is the best color for a general laser

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