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Zeus Combat - Very Powerful Green Laser Pointer 550mW / 532nm
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Zeus Combat 500mw 532nm laser pen pointers lazer

Zeus Combat - Very Powerful Green Laser Pointer 550mW / 532nm

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Zeus Combat - Very Powerful Green Laser Pointer 550mW With Adjustable Focus by Zeus Lasers, Complete Set.



Zeus Combat, 100% brand new, high quality & very powerful laser by Zeus Lasers.
Power: 550mW
Laser color: Green
Power supply: 2x Rechargeable Batteries 18350 (INCLUDED)
Focus mode: Adjustable Focus
Wavelength: 532nm
Max Distance: 30000 meters
Body material: Aerometal
Size: 18cm * 2.6cm
Net weight: 165g.
Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturer's

Universal Double Battery Charger :

The AC adapter easily folds out to charge and pack away
Suitable for 10440/14500 /16340/ 18350/18650 Li-ion
LED indication for Power On / Charging / Full charge
AC100v-240v 47-63Hz input (international charger, can be used worldwide)
Output: DC 3.7V 400mA
Weight: 65g

Package Includes:

1x Green Laser Pointer 550mW
2x Rechargeable Batteries 18350
1x Universal Double Charger (100-240v)
1x Safety Glasses
5x Star Heads
1x Metal Box 


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
doing battle with the combat

I bought this unit last may 2022 and the beam expander. I threw the beam across the entire distance from somewhere along the marin coast to the farralon islands on a very cold night. It took me a good 6 months to figure out how to adjust the expander and the native focus to throw the beam that far. naturally it drew alot of attention. There are 4 different UAP out there and they all responded to the beam. White and black orbs.Upside down golden pears with the big "brilliant panels" and the petite inlaid orbs and the amorphous shimmery conducive film.sounds crazy i know. the amorphous film uap definitely appeared more interested in the source of the lightbeam and made an appearance almost everyday for september october november and the beginning of december before the rain began in earnest.i never shone the light in their direction but could signal for an appearance most times I desired by simply flashing a random sequence of bursts into the night sky. I became obsessed and the only time the laser isn't physically on my person is when im sleeping or in the shower or at work.this new obsession with the nightsky and uap aroused the local dads neighborhood watch group who took to following me on their electric mtbikes when i would take my morning trail runs and on 2 occasions I let out a little pulse of light across the valley at the trees above themto letthem know I see them hiding behind a big oak blowdown. and once more a fewweeks later when one of them thought it would be a good idea o let his well trsined malinoix off leash and I gave alittle tree top blast above them and he called the malinoix back.white people!think they own everything. the design of the unitis very sturdyh and durable.I fell so hard with the unit in my hand.I was in full open stride downhill and stepped into about 13inches of thick mud that would've been sturdy enough at walking speed, but physics man, shit whipped me right at the ground and the laser impacted first into the sloppy trail. I wear the laser on a strap aroundmy shoulder and neck and have to clamps on it for holding it like a little machine pistol and i can put that beam on a person trying to act casual after breaking into a storage area and tag them while they drive away until theyre out of sight.I imagine someone is recently wondering why they have splotchy greyish areas of vision. I bought real deal goggles from noir laser goggles for this specific wavelength because this beam will destroy your vision so fast. Y'all trying to burn stuff with these? Go try and make contact. Yo i spend alot of time in the forest at night.They are picky sons of bitches.One of you lucky fuckers is bound to be a fifi for and big ol alpha centauri native. lucky! the item arrived in less timethan i thought it would.the beam is friggin bright.get an extra set of batteries.the customer service is top tier.yellow laser looks rad.butit's probs gonna have to be a module going forward for the next purchase. wire up a little power harness and put it all inside a custom kit and go call the mothership.

An excellent product

Great customer service and this thing is indeed very powerful!

Chris L.

It's actually really bright,
I'd say about 10 times brighter than my old 303 laser. Definitely worth the price.

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