Which laser pointer should I get?

There are plenty of laser pointers out there. They come in different colors, powers and sizes. Which one is the best for you though? In the following article, we are going to discuss models, color styles and output power, which may seem overwhelming at first but it is actually quite simple.

1. Output Power

LPM laser power meter zeus lasers

Laser pointers can be very powerful! They are measured in milliwatts (1000mW = 1W) and normally range from 1mW up to 7W. The beam is extremely visible in the dark and less visible during the day – depending on the unit. The most powerful laser does not mean it is the brightest. For example, our Zeus Pro Green Laser is brighter than the Zeus X Blue Laser even though the first is 1.2W and the latter 7W.

If you are looking to burn things, opt for output power of more than 200mW in any colour. Of course, the higher the power, the better the burning. In this case, Zeus X is the right laser pointer for you as it has the most burning power of all our lasers. Needless to say, we urge you to use with care as our high powered laser pointers can burn matches, wood, cigarettes and dark objects easily, with the right focus.

2. Range

High Power Bright Blue laser pointer

Are you one of those who likes stargazing and pointing at the night sky aiming for a specific star? Well, our lasers can do the job pretty well - sometimes too well! It can be so impressive to the human eye to see a laser beam go so far. Evidently, the divergence of the beam, the color and the power can impact the distance the laser will have.
More analytically, here’s a list of three of our lasers and the range you should expect them to have:

1. Zeus X Blue Laser 7W  35000meters

2. Zeus Pro Green Laser 1.2W – 45000meters

3. Zeus Ocean Red Laser 1.2W – 35000meters

* With our X3 Beam Expander, the above distances can become longer.

3. Color 

green red blue yellow cyan rgb laser pointer pen zeus 

Color is so important when choosing a laser pointer. So, what should you get? Green, red, cyan or blue?

It is hard to choose from these great colors our lasers come in but it all gets down to what you are looking for. For more visibility you should go for the green one of course. For examble they are the best option for astronomy lovers and if you wish to scare away some pesky birds, the green lasers are the ideal pointers for the job.
Green lasers are extremely visible even during the day. Our brightest one is the Zeus Pro Green Laser 1.2W which we guarantee, will blow your mind!

Then, there’s the blue laser – not as visible as the green but equally impressive when they are high powered. The blue color is beautiful to watch at night and arguably recommended if you already have a green one in your collection. Remember – blue lasers are the most ideal for burning!

Moving on, there’s the red laser which is a common laser color and typically a color associated with burning. If you are looking for a good value red laser, we recommend our Zeus Pocket Red Laser 300mW and the Zeus Ocean Red Laser 1.2W. These will definitely be an nice addition to your laser pointer collection.

Last but not least, there’s our Cyan Laser. This is not a very common laser color but it’s worth getting one. It stands out from any other laser colors as it is rare and very interesting to see.

Hope this helps you determine the right laser pointer for you and don’t forget – always use safety glasses and do not point at planes or people. 


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