High power RGB Laser pointer by Zeus Lasers 7 colors
Zeus RGB - Leistunstarke 7 Colors  LaserPointer, White, 450nm, 520nm, 650nm , rot, blau , grun
Zeus RGB - 7 Colors Powerful Laser Pointer, White, 450nm, 520nm, 650nm
high power rgb laser pointer burning lazer pen
Zeus RGB - 7 Colors Powerful Laser Pointer, White, 450nm, 520nm, 650nm
white cyan laser pointer rgb
Laser metal leather box case for blue, green , red laser pointers

Zeus RGB - 7 Colors Powerful Laser Pointer, White, 450nm, 520nm, 650nm

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Zeus RGB.  This Incredible Laser With 7 Colors: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Red, Bright Blue, is guaranteed to blow you away.

Plus it comes in a metal case with glasses, 2 x 26650 Rechargeable batteries and charger.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

Laser Diodes wavelength: 450nm  520nm  650nm
Total output power: 450mW
Power per diode: (450nm: 150mW / 520nm: 100mW / 650nm: 200mW)
Spot shape: Dots
Beam diameter: 5MM
Working current: 600mA
Working voltage: 7.4V
Finish: Anodized aluminum Army Regulation
Size: 40 x 280mm
Power supply: 2 x 26650 Rechargeable Batteries (Included)
Two modes: Manual and automatic switching of 7-color light

Battery Specification:
Battery Type: 3.7v 26650 Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Capacity: 4000mAh+
No memory effect, recharge up to 500 cycles
Battery Direction: (+) side of batteries points to the back cap


Package Includes:
1 x RGB Laser Pointer 
1 x Double Charger
2 x 26650 Rechargeable Batteries
1 x Safety Glasses
1 x Metal/Leather Box

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Oliver Brummel
Don't expect to fit it in your pocket, but very nice for the price!

I had my eye on the Sanwu laser for some time. I wanted an RGB laser for longer than that. But when I found this one and saw that it was on sale I immediately bought it; and I am not disappointed. The red beam is very slightly off target compared to the green and blue but considering what goes into this I don't really mind at all. If the size of the thing isn't a giveaway, people will be stunned by what it can do when I first show it to them!

Best RGB for this price. Even works with the beam expander

I should first mention that customer service told me they are not officially advertising their RGB as being compatible with attachments, including the expander. However it really does solidly attach to it. Apparently this is technically the only handheld RGB you can get that can easily be made into a focusable device. With or without the expander, the beam divergence is really low for all three dots, and the brightness is great. I also like the fact that it uses larger batteries. An of course, the shipping is definitely as fast as everyone keeps mentioning. Best deal for an RGB.

Alex Brown
awesome laser!

wow, just what I was looking for. A portable, amazing laser that gets people's attention. This RGB laser pointer works perfect and the colors do combine very well. There's an automatic setting that cycles through each color, or you can select which one you want. Everything is included in the box. It's worth the money to see these colors combined. White and the GB combo are so cool looking and my favs.

I just need a Sanwu RGB laser now, its $1300... but never in stock. This will do for now. It's a budget RGB and it works just like it should


Good rgb laser, but not perfect for my needs.

Great Device

Great laser device with many multiple color combinations

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